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The Woolly Mammoth is a CGI creature in the original Kenny and the Lost World (released in March 2013).

  • It was seen with the other creatures chasing the surviving sailors, and they are trapped on the log bridge as Kong appears and snatches, crushes, and kills Ben Hayes, then Choy falls in the pit, and Kong starts to shake the sailors into the pit as Little Kong gets boulders and knocks the creatures off their feet by tossing them into their direction.


  • Woolly mammoths are extinct relatives of the elephant. They resided in the northern hemisphere during the ice age. They were similar to their modern counterparts in how they organised their social lives; females stayed in their birth groups and were headed by a mature cow called a matriarch, bulls left as soon as they were ready for mating. Physically, they resembled modern elephants (particularly the Indian species), however, they were covered in thick fur (hence the name) to deal with the freezing climate; this was shedded during the summer months. Their tusks were much longer than those of modern elephants and they had stunted ears and tails to prevent heat loss. The mammoth went extinct at the end of the ice age: the warming climate caused the grasslands they depended on for survival to vanish and allowing forests to reclaim the landscape and reduced their numbers while hunting by humans finally destroyed them. The final population resided on Wrangel Island off the coast of Russia: unlike their predecessors, they were dwarves and died out at around the time the Pyramids at Giza were being built.
  • Since there is only one bull Woolly Mammoth on the Island, it was possible that V-Rexes (3) with other carnivorous dinosaurs (Velociraptors, Venatosaurs, Allosaurus, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and Dillophosaurus) may have got the herd.
  • After the Woolly Mammoth got knocked off its' feet, it was declared Extinct.
  • Woolly mammoth skeletons can be seen close top the jungle after the swamp chase scene.

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