Real name John
Status Deceased (Eaten by Piranhadon)
Age Elderly

This individual was a sailor who worked on the SS Venture.

Sailor 5
Old sailor 2

The sailor shooting during the Ferrucutus Attack.


This individual was a sailor on the SS Venture who was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (not knowing that the ship was actually heading to Skull Island). During the dance he beats a drum while Choy sings Mhairi's Wedding and enjoys watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy dance together.

He went with most of the crew to search for Ann (who was kidnapped) and survived through many dangers until the Swamp attack when they crossed the wetlands, the sailor was the last person to be killed and eaten by the Piranhadon in the last second, almost in safety on the shore. Denham filmed his death, while checking to see if his camera was still working, much to his shock. He became the third and final Crewman to die in the swamp sequence and get killed by the Piranhadon.

Crewman 5 - Raft

Behind the scenesEdit


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