Real name Jorge (?)
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
This individual was a sailor who worked as a stoker on the SS Venture on the expedition to Skull Island.
Skärmklipp 13

Crewman tumbling off the log to his death down below.

He is equipped with a Thompson M1928.


The man was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (never telling him and the other crew that he was actually going to Skull Island). This sailor was also a stoker and can be seen along with Venture Crewman 20 putting coal in the ship's engine to keep it running. He along with the rest of the crew helped try to remove things to keep the ship from sinking before Ann Darrow's kidnapping.

He later was among the group of the crew to search for Ann and survived all the dangers until the Log Attack when King Kong grabbed a log they were walking across. He was the second person being killed by falling off the log to his death in the chasm below. His body landed in the muck so he could of got eaten by carnictis. However a Venture Crewman who looks like can be seen along with other sailors including Venture Crewman 24 and one who looks like Venture Crewman 1 are seen pulling Kong down.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sailor 2,2

Crewman 2.

This crewman was portrayed by Steve Reinsfield. Steve also work with Peter Jackson on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy
  • During Kong's captured, when the sailors are pulling Kong Down, he can be seen along with Venture Crewman 1 pulling Kong down too. It's possible they either survived the fall or both were played by the same actor: Jed Brophy and Steve Reinsfield.


King Kong (2005 film)

The Spider Pit Scene 2005

SS Venture Crewman 2 lying dead next to Lumpy and Choy, Venture Crewman 1(Jed Brophy) lying dead on his chest.