To The Lair is the Thirty level of the King Kong game

To The LairEdit

Jack is alone and traveling and he will find a box of sniper rifle and ammo he will travel to the lair of Kong and he will battle the Pugbats and he kills it he travel to another area where there's a impavidus venatosaurus and some pugbats and two shelters,the other shelter has a sniper rifle ammo ,the other one has fire and inside the home of the impavidus venatosaurus there's a another box of ammo sniper rifle ammo,Jack must light a spear to go inside,Jack kills the 2 impavidus venatosaurus and some pugbats and must get the lever to the moon spiders must bait the some larva or the pugbat eating the bones as Jack captures the lever he opens the door where you can see a box of shotgun & ammo then Jack travel to the tunnel to finish the chapter.

Characters Edit

  • Jack

Weapons Edit

  • Sniper rifle
  • Spears/Bones
  • Shotgun

Enemies Edit

  • saevidicus Venatosaurus
  • Pugbats
  • Moonspiders

Trivia Edit

  • The last Appearance of the Shotgun
  • The Last Apperance of the Moonspiders

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