To Save Ann is the twenty-third level of the King Kong game.


Jack will exit a cave as he hears rumbling and loudly exclaim "OH MY GOD!" as Ann runs down a hill away from the V-Rex that started chasing her in the previous level. The V-Rex will bite a bridge, cutting you off from Ann. The V-Rex corners Ann and snaps at her until you hurl a spear at the V-Rex and the V-Rex starts attacking you. Ann will open a door while you fight the V-Rex off with only spears and bones. You must work through a cavern and pull Ann to safety to save her from the V-Rex and you and her will be reunited as you go on to find Hayes and Jimmy and you venture into a cave.


  • Spears
  • Bones


  • After you escape the V-Rex it may either stare up at you, or turn back and leave.
  • If Jack walks right to the edge of the platform after rescuing Ann, the V-Rex will walk up to you and kill you.
  • If you attack the V-Rex with a spear, it will bite you :o
  • after you hit the V-Rex with the spear so ann can open the door for you if you hide behind a pillar the V-Rex will try and bite ann and do a ridiculous looking 'Dance'
  • a Body of a sailor like the Body of Baxter in "The Canyon" is seen here again.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Ann
  • Hayes
  • Jimmy

Enemies Edit

  • V-Rex

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