You will start with the sniper rifle from the previous mission. Break Down a door and run through the door up to a ledge with spears kill a Neopede and englehorn will fly overhead and drop a box of ammo a group of scorpions will run towards you burn the bushes and kill a bat and run through the arch you will see some natives run through some ruins run into another area with two millipedes and some Scorpions burn the bushes to kill the and more scorpions run through another arch and a door will be in front of you and Ann will run up to open it go through and you will see another door and the wall will appear through the fog Ann will open the door jack will call out to Ann but there will be no response and the door will open a dozen natives will appear and one will throw a spear at you and the mission will end

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Ann
  • Hayes(mentioned)
  • Carl Denham(mentioned)
  • Captain Englehorn(cameo)

Enemies Edit

  • Neopedes
  • Milipedes
  • Scorpio-pedes
  • Terapusmordax
  • Skull Islanders

Weapons Edit

  • Sniper rifle
  • Spears/Bones

Trivia Edit

  • The part where Jack and Ann run to the arch to see some natives run through the ruins one native can be killed by Jack the Native that will run to the bridge where some creatures are.kill it fast.
  • The Native runned in the bridge if you follow him fast you can see him standing there and not going to the creatures and then disappears.

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