The Skull Islanders is the twenty-second level of the King Kong game.


Kong and Ann will approach a gate, but a few rexes and natives ambush them. Ann and Kong fight the group off as they journey deeper into the natives hideout and Kong kills a huge group, while Ann climbs a wooden structure to find a way to clear the path for Kong so they can progress. Ann and Kong run along walls and fight against the native's will while the natives are killed by Kong until they approach a gate and as Kong lifts it so they can progress Kong is knocked off a cliff and the V-Rex begins to chase Ann.


  • If Kong runs against the walls against the wooden structures they will instantly fall off.

Characters Edit

  • Kong
  • Ann

Enemies Edit

  • Skull Islanders
  • Venatosaurus
  • Terapusmordax
  • V-Rex

Weapons Edit

  • Spears/Bones

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