In this chapter, Jack arrives at a canyon with a gun that is low on ammo. The canyon is home to a colony of Terapusmordax, most of them small juveniles, but nonetheless deadly. After he killing some bats, Jack makes his way to a makeshift bridge, which is watched over by more bats. Before crossing the bridge, Jack finds a sniper rifle by the bloodied body of Baxter, presumably a victim of the the bats. In order to cross safely, Jack can do three things: he can snipe the bats out of the air one by one, throw bait down below the bridge and quickly cross while the bats are occupied (this is dangerous, as the bridge is easy for Jack to lose his footing on and requires time and patience to cross), or both. Once across the bridge, however way managed, Jack continues through a cave. When in the cave, the ground begins quaking, and upon leaving the cave, a mighty herd of Brontosaurus appears. Free from enemies at this point, Jack can take his time to admire the size of these impressive herbivores.

After burning a bush of thorns, Jack walks up a set of stone stairs and crosses another makeshift bridge (again, cautiously). When Jack crosses the bridge, there is another sniper rifle that can be used. When Jack goes into another cave, he encounters megapedes, scorpio-pedes, and more Terapusmordax. After that, he will cross the last bridge full of dangerous predators such as megapedes, moonspiders and others. Jack will then move into the next chapter.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Captain Englehorn(cameo)
  • Carl(voice)
  • Hayes(mentioned)
  • Bruce Baxter(deceased/corpse)

Enemies Edit

  • Terapusmordax (juveniles)
  • Neopedes (megapedes and scorpio-pedes)
  • Moonspiders

Weapons Edit

  • Thompson
  • Pistol
  • Sniper rifle
  • Spears/Bones

Trivia Edit

King Kong game - Carl Denham stucks in the hole Easter Egg!

King Kong game - Carl Denham stucks in the hole Easter Egg!

  • If Jack moves off to the right and enters a cave before crossing the bridge above the Brontosaurus herd, there is a small opening at the end of the cave. Walking up to this opening will cause Carl's voice to be heard, panicking. He says: "Hayes! Help! AGGH!"