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Is a chapter in Peter Jackson's king kong the official game of the movie, Jack arrives at a canyon full of bats he can equip a pistol when his tommy gun is "almost out of ammo" After he kills the bats he crosses many bridges and further you can see more bats and a sniper rifle, you can equip the sniper rifle, Baxter's body is found which was presumably killed by the bats as he tried to kill the bats but died, Jack will shoot the bats and cross a bridge and continue through a cave, many brontosaurases are seen as he lights the fire into the bushes, as he continues he will walk up the stairs and cross a bridge, secretly there is a little hole if you go into a little cave, Carl can be heard yelling "Hayes help ahhh" As Carl is stuck in a little hole, but Jack can't help, when Jack crosses the bridge there is another sniper rifle seen and can be used, when Jack goes into a cave, He will shoot his way through the millipedes, after that he will swim through a cave into another cave full of bats and scorpions, after that he will cross the last bridge full of dangerous predators such as Megapedes, Moon Spiders and others Jack will then move into the next chapter.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Captain Englehorn(cameo)
  • Carl(voice)
  • Hayes(mentioned)
  • Bruce Baxter(deceased/corpse)

Enemies Edit

  • juveniles Terapusmordax
  • Neopedes
  • Megapedes
  • Moonspiders

Weapons Edit

  • Thompson
  • Pistol
  • Sniper rifle
  • Spears/Bones

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