Swamps is the nineteenth level in the King Kong game.


You will start with one pistol round and you can either grab more of the little pistol ammo or burn some bushes and grab some sniper rifle ammo. Work your way through the water and shoot a crocodile and journey forward. If you go first Hayes will cover you and while crossing you must cover Hayes, Jimmy, and Denham as they swim for shore. You will find more crocodiles as they come at you rather quickly and will bite you if your too slow. Journey through the water as you will then find more sniper rifle ammo and you must journey to another set of water. Burn some bushes, kill a bat and cover your allies as they journey to the end of the swamp, then swim as Hayes covers you. Journey under an arch and proceed forward to end the level.


  • Spears/Bones
  • Pistol
  • Sniper Rifle


  • This level is the last appearance of the pistol.
  • This level is one of two levels (the other being In The Mud) where you can't switch weapons with Hayes).

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Jimmy
  • Hayes
  • Carl

Enemies Edit

  • Udusaurs
  • juveniles Terapusmordax
  • Terapusmordax

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