Running Skull Island's length was a mountain range which rose up over the greenery of the island like the spires of a castle. Created by eruptions and lurches many thousands of years ago, they were once home to the Megaprimatus colonies. Also housed there were several species of flying rodent.

The highlands, described as 'The Roof of the World in The World of Kong were pretty much a mixture of sky, rock and nothing else. Vast and desolate, they were the domain of some of Skull Island's toughest vegetation.


Terapusmordax obscenus: Arguably the most vile denizen of the Skull Island mountains, this naked bat winged rodent is lord of the skies. With an 8–10 foot (2.5-3 metre) wingspan, it dwarfs every one of its relatives, including Volucerictis. It lives in groups dictated by females.

Skin-Bird, Cutisaves atroxoides, another unique species of flying rodent. It has a 7 foot (2.1 metre) wingspan.

Bear-Croc, Ursusuchus bombus, a surly, omnivorous reptile, not a true crocodilian, that could lay claim to vegetation via "belching" roars, which could be heard for miles. Bear-Crocs have fat deposits in their tails, similar to Tartarusaurus.

Bifurcatops peritus, a gazelle -legged ceratopsian, these are the primary prey of Arsartis. Traversing the dizzy heights of the mountainous terrain, they eat low-lying shrubbery

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