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Skull Island Snakes are harmless snakes found in the swamps, jungles, on tree branches, and in logs on Skull Island, and they prey on Skull Island Frogs, Scorpio-pede''s, small bats, crabs, lizards, small birds, and Megapedes, but are preyed by Terapusmordax,Pirhanadon, Deinosuchus, older Skull Island Frogs, bigger moniter lizards, Titanoboa, and the Skull Island Ibis.

  • In an extended cut of Kenny and the Lost World (released in March 2013), Kenny gets out his second pet cage and keeps it as a pet.


  • These snakes are the cousins of Egg-eating Snakes, Ring-necked snakes, Garter snakes, and Javan Wart Snakes.

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