Skull Island is the second level of the King Kong Game

Skull IslandEdit

The 2nd level of Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game of the Movie you will start Jack unconsciousness then when Jack open his eyes you can see Ann Telling "you gave us a fright" then Jack ask what happened to the crew then Ann replies they crash against the rocks and Briggs was killed instantly.then you move you're analog stick to make Jack stand up then Jack replies "Oh GOD we can't just leave him here" there you can see Hayes tried to contact Englehorn and Denham is filming and the main cast will go to a tunnel of crabs and Hayes will gave you a Pistol as you & Hayes kill them you travel to a door to open and Denham Tell Ann to "Scream for her life" while you opened the door you can heard Kong's ROAR and some crabs are coming out of the ocean and fight them after that a Giant crab will come out and kill it while Denham & Hayes Open the door,The cast travel to the top then and you can see Englehorn fly around and drop a box of Shotgun & Ammo, and you will go to the next area you will find some crabs and a door after you kill the crabs and put the lever on the post then open it and the main cast will travel to the next chapter.


  • while Hayes and Denham opened the door and the main cast go inside and go to the top,the Giant crab is still alive,the Giant crab will go back to the sea.and if Jack goes back to the door the Giant crab won't be coming back to battle you.
  • as Jack will fight the Giant crab the door that Denham & Hayes opening is slow after you Defeat the Giant crab the door Carl & Hayes is opening is now fast to open.
  • as Jack gets the Shotgun Jack can't switch guns with Hayes.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Hayes
  • Carl Denham
  • Ann
  • Briggs(deceased/corpse)
  • Jimmy(mentioned)
  • Preston(mentioned)
  • Captain Englehorn(cameo)

Weapons Edit

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Spears/Bones

Enemies Edit

  • Crabs
  • Giant Crab

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