Sacrifice is the sixth level in the King Kong game.


You will wake up tied to a stake and you are unable to move anywhere, furthermore you will start unarmed. You will see Ann being lowered on a stick and placed on two stone columns. You will see Kong approach Ann then Kong will take Ann as Denham arrives and frees you. after you are untied there is a tunnel that leads to a bridge. Then the natives will spot you and toss multiple spears. Follow the path and turn right and follow the next path. To the left of the path is a tunnel, enter the tunnel and you will find several bushes blocking your way and fires and spears. A rex will come along with a millipede. Strike them and there will be some smaller rexes. Take a spear, light it, and burn the bush near the wooden pole and grab the lever, and take it to the empty wooden pole and turn it to go through the door and down a path to a stone tunnel to end the level.


  • Spears/Bones

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Ann
  • Kong
  • Carl
  • Hayes (mentioned)

Enemies Edit

  • Skull Islanders (unseen)
  • Venatasaurus
  • Megapedes
  • Impavidus Venatosaurus


  • If you attempt to turn back to the wall, you will resume being massacured by the natives and spears will fly at you.
  • When tied to the stake, you will be forced to wait until Denham frees you because of being tied to the altar.
  • Look carefully after you escape the wall:You will see Kong climbing a cliff in the distance, however, no matter what it is impossible to confront Kong.