You start with a pistol and you need to hold off the V-Rex using a combination of your pistol and flamming spears. A second one will appear and comes dangerously close to your raft. The V-Rex pair can be distracted for a short time by killing the Terapusmordax flying around. Eventually, you'll find a tunnel, providing saftey from one of the beasts. Hayes then exclaims "Nothing's working! Nothing's Gonna kill these things!". Meanwhile the other V-Rex circles around and blocks your way at the end of the tunnel. When it looks like all is lost for the trio, Kong falls down from the cliff to confront the V-Rex. Hayes notices Kong is holding Ann and is amazed that she is still alive. A cutscene will play, then the level 'Fight' starts.


  • A rare glitch can occur on this level. After the second V-Rex appears, shooting it in the head with the pistol will cause it to keel over and die.
  • The first V-Rex encountered is most likely the one that the trio narrowly escaped from at the end of the level 'Brontosaurus', as Hayes says "The dino! He found us!".


  • Bones
  • Spears
  • 9mm Luger

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Jimmy
  • Hayes
  • Carl
  • Kong
  • Ann

Enemies Edit

  • V-Rex
  • Terapusmordax

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