Profanornis sordicus (3-4 feet tall at the hip). Gruesome-looking birds, the large, flightless Profanornis sordicus is an opportunist feeder, bulk-loading chunks of carrion meat in its distended crop when available, but also actively hunting small reptiles, large insects, unguarded chicks of other birds, or even non-avian dinosaur young. Nesting in scrub, the young hatch precocial, being mobile and perfectly capable of feeding themselves, though they stay with their parents for the first year of their life for protection. Indiscriminate feeders, even other Profanornis sordicus are a potential threat to young individuals (acting cannibalistic), necessitating close parental supervision. Profanornis sordicus have long, curving lower jaws designed for scooping up small prey whole or lifting heavy cover (rocks and logs) to expose invertebrates beneath. The long crests of the males turn a bluish tinge in the breeding season.

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