Reminiscent in many ways of the Marabou Stork, Skull Island's Carrion Storks feed on nearly anything, with their prey ranging from amphibians, fish, large insects and other invertebrates, small lizards,bird chicks, and immature dinosaurs. They also will take carrion and readily gather around a kill, looking to snatch a bit of meat here and there. Living in small groups, Carrion Stork young are mobile within hours of hatching, but tend to stay close to their parents for around a year or so before heading out on their own. Carrion Storks tend to hunt near area where their prey can be found inplenty -- the scrublands and near rivers and streams for example. As with many storks, their hunting method usually involves standing stilland then snatch up prey with a quick jab of their beak, or turning over objects and snapping up whatever tries to scuttle away. As with many large flightless birds, attacks will be met by a combination of packsand swift (and possibly lethal) kicks.

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