Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard is the leader of the military escort for the Monarch exploration of Skull Island.

On the expedition he is in the leading helicopter. When Kong attacked he is the only survivor of his crash. He later joined Earl Cole, Glenn Mills, Reles, Jerry, Steve and Bill Randa and set out to find Major Jack Chapman. However, he also wanted to kill Kong in revenge for the death of his comrades. After an attack by a Mother longlegs that killed Jerry, they eventually found the rest of the group. Eventually, he reveals his plan and leads is soldiers to kill Kong. First, they put napalm in a lake to set Kong on fire, but he survives and kills Steve and another soldier. Packard then places explosives in a final attempt, but before he can press the button, Kong crushes him to stop him from slaughtering more innocents.

African American

42 Years Of Age

Status: Dead

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