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Peracerdon Exitialis "Deadly

Very-Sharp Tooth" 12-16 feet long


Long and lean, Peracerdon is a bipedal predator, resembling the Suchomimus, eating fish, seabirds, eggs, crustaceans, and even seal pups (if it gets the chance). A theropod, Peracerdon is found all along the perimeter of Skull Island, from the rocky coasts to sedate swamps./P>


Typical animal motivations.


Powerful claws keep Peracerdon anchored in even the roughest of waves, allowing it to remain steady in pounding surf. It usually remains still, darting its head down to snatch up prey items.


Anywhere from 12 to 16 feet long, Peracerdon is mostly long, narrow head, and whip-like tail (used for balance). Greenish, it has red finlike projections running down its back. It weights 200kg. The World Of Kong Book gives it 8/16 running, 2/4 swimming, and 4/8 leaping. Its scaled skin gives it damage resistance.

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