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There was norwegan skipper who's name was Nils helstrom,he gave Carl denham the map that is about skull island, one day after the death of Kong, Nils was in a tent fighting Mr.Peterson cause they wore drinking, so Nils kills Peterson and his daughter frees the monkeys out of the tent. Later Carl decides to go to skull island because Helstrom told him that there is a hidden treasure in the island, so he goes to the island with Hilda, Englehorn, Charlie and Helstrom, but Hilda doesn't want to go because Nils is going so carl says give him a chance. Later Nils talks to Hilda to silence and incites mutiny on board the venture but the sailors want no more captains so they overboard him alongside Denham, Hilda,Englehorn and Charlie.The five lands on Kong's land where they discover the natives blame Denham for the destruction for their village and they are forced to move to a different part of the island.There,Denham and Hilda befriend Little Kong,meanwhile Englehorn,Helstrom and Charlie are attacked by a Styracosaurus which chases them into a cave. Denham and Hilda are attacked by a Cave Bear but Little Kong fights and defeats it.Denham bandages Little Kong's injured finger in return.Soon Denham finds the treasure but a Nothosaur which is killed by Little Kong. While Helstrom tries to escape to a lifeboat but his eaten by a Plesiosaurus killng the captain.

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