The NefundusaurusNefundusaurus accerbus, is a large, dangerous, blue prestosuchid from the coasts (including the eastern estuary) of Skull Island. It measures 16-24 feet long.

Stalking the shoreline of Skull Island is a brutish quadrupedal heavyweight with a taste for flesh. Nefundusaurus is not a dinosaur but an ancient archosaur (a group that predates dinosaurs, as early as the Early Triassic). Its huge olfactory canal afford the animal an acute sense of smell. The majority of its diet is decaying fish or other tide-stranded carrion, which the Nefundusaurus is led to by ribbons of rot wafting to its nostrils on the breeze.

Nefundusaurus uses its size to also steal meals from smaller carnivores, including the coastal crocodilian Dirusuchus, through intimidation and brute force. With powerful jaws, they are capable of wolfing down carcasses whole. Even robust shellfish and testudines can be cracked and swallowed, digested later in the predator’s incredibly acidic stomach. Live prey is taken when it can be caught. Fat-rich Skull Island fur seals and humans are ambushed from behind cover on the rocky shore.

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