Millipedes is the Thirteen level of the King Kong game


you will start with a sniper rifle the one you used in the previous mission Jack will find more ammo and meet with Hayes & Carl on the other side and Jack must Defend Hayes & Carl while Carl is opening the door some Megapedes and mini terapusmordax attacking them as Jack continues to a cliff where 5 mini terapusmordax attacks you and kills it then you can see Hayes & Carl above Carl is again opening the door and Hayes defends Carl and some Crabs attacks them and Jack kills it as they move on the next area as you can see there are two terapusmordax,three Megapedes battling a black colored Megapede as Jack kills it he must shoot the fire go down to the urn and Jack must light a spear a throw it to the other urn and some megapedes will attack you and kills it light again a spear and swim to the other side as you can see Carl & Hayes on the window finding a way to get to you as Hayes replies"Good luck Jack will meet up later" as throw the spear to the bushes to get the lever and theres another box of sniper rifle ammo and Carl & Hayes are in the door waiting for Jack and Jack battles some crabs while Carl & Hayes Battles some Megapedes as Jack swim threw to put lever to the post Jack & Hayes opening the door while the trio discusses Ann if Jack finds her after they opened the door they traveled to the next chapter.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Carl
  • Hayes
  • Ann(mentioned)

Enemies Edit

  • Neopedes
  • Megapedes
  • Juvenile Terapusmordax
  • Crabs

Weapons Edit

  • Sniper rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Spears/Bones

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