Is a chapter in Peter Jackson's king kong the official game of the movie, Jack got out the caves found more ammo and protects Hayes and Denham on the other side from juveniles Terapusmordax and Neopedes while Denham opens the door Jack will cross a bridge and shoot some bats and found more ammo and protect Denham and Hayes from the Crabs Jack will run through the ruins and saw a fire,mini terapusmordax,3 Neopedes and a Milipede Jack will shoot them and get fire from the top and light an urn on the other side, and shoot a few Neopedes and continue to find a way to reunite with the others as Jack have to burn a bush to get a lever,found more ammo while Hayes and Denham defend themselves from some Neopedes While Jack battle some Crabs on the way to Hayes and Denham as they discuss if Jack found Ann but didn't and continue the next level.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Hayes
  • Carl Denham
  • Ann (mentioned)

Enemies Edit

  • juveniles Terapusmordax
  • Neopedes
  • Milipedes
  • Crabs

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