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Mike was the sound engineer for Carl Denham.


For Denham, Mike was a true professional, he had worked for him for years. On the ship, Ann Darrow mistook him to be Jack Driscoll, only for the real Jack to come up behind her, much to her embarrassment.

Mike came along with Denham and the actors to Skull Island to shoot some of the film. After Denham tries to give a child a piece of chocolate, a native throws a spear at Mike, impaling him through the chest. Ann screams in shock, responded with a roar from Kong. As the natives attack the rest of the group, Mike lays to side on the ground with the spear still sticking from his chest. Mike was the first person to die from the expedition.

Back at the Venture, Carl admitted that his crew were lucky for getting away but Preston reminded him that Mike didn't get away and that: "He's still there!" Carl was nonetheless devastated on Mike's death and decided to to finish the film for Mike and donate the proceeds to his wife and kids, feeling that the man died a hero and deserved nothing less. He would later do the same for his cameraman Herb, when he got eaten by a Venatosaurus.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mike was portrayed by Craig Hall in the King Kong (2005 film). Hall will later reappear with Jackson for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
  • Mike does not seem to appear in the video game, although the character Briggs may have been the replacement for him.



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