Moon Spider

A Megapede dereponecis on Ann's shoulder

Megapede Dereponecis

Creeping-death Giant-feet, 3-5 feet long

Megapede dereponecis was the largest centipede to lived. Too heavy to haul itself very high into the trees, it hunted among the roots for small prey, including dinosaur chicks, which it quickly immobilized with its fierce and fast-acting venom.

Mother M. dereponecis nested in rotten logs, chewing channels into the pulpy wood, where they laid eggs. They were particularly territorial during this time, attacking any intruders that threatened their delevoping offspring.

In the filmEdit

A pair of them are seen in a log, which desend on Ann and the other one on the ground crawls on her shoulder and look at her menacingly, she then runs out screaming only to encounter a V.rex having a foetodon in its mouth.

In the King Kong 2005 gameEdit

They are drasticly increasded in size to about 3 metres, and are one of the enemies Jack faces.