Manny was an elderly vaudevillian actor who befriended Ann Darrow when she worked as a vaudeville actress.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known about Manny's early life, but he was known to have been born in Chicago, and throughout the rest of his life he had worked as a vaudeville actor. He later met Ann Darrow during his career and became friends.

Friendship with Ann and Losing jobEdit

On September 24, he performed with her and Harry Harkel in the show I'm Just Wild About Harry, dressed as a janitor and helped Ann putting her mustache on. During the end of the show Manny sneezed loudly causing Ann to take a sudden prat fall.

After the show, Harry appreciated his act, reminding him as long as their laughing they won't be upset on the show's box office (as though there were only forty in the audience). During Ann and the actors' talk about Jack Driscoll and the Federal Theatre, Manny did not reply anything to Ann. When he and Ann leave the theater he advised her about how to do comedy with the nose. When Ann later asked if he had eaten a while, Manny sheepishly told her that he wasn't hungry, but she told him that he was only one she's got and went to a restaurant with Ann to eat soup and biscuits together.

On the next day however, the theater was closed, and Manny along with the other unpaid actors lost their jobs and he would be forced to go back to his hometown. Ann was devastated and Manny knew how she felt, as people had always bullied her since she was little and every time she reached for something she cared about, fate would come along and snatch it away from, but told her there was still hope for her left.

It is unknown what became of Manny next after he lost his job but he probably came back to Ann and comforted her after she was kidnapped by Kong.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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