Thompson M1928

[[Image:M16A1|{{{Image size}}}px]]

Select-Fire Submachine Gun
Colt Manufacturing Company
5.56×45mm NATO
Magazine Capacity:
  • 20-30 Round Magazine
  • Users:

    The Colt M16 is a family of select-fire assault rifles used and developed by the United States, as well as their allies. The weapon is manufactured by various companies, however the most well known is the Colt Manufacturing Company.


    Kong: Skull Island (2017)Edit

    The M16 was the preferred assault rifle issued by the time of the Vietnam War and was used by the military escort to Skull Island, led by Col. Packard. It was wielded throughout the whole film by his men, as well as others such as Landsat scientists, decommissioned S.A.S Capt. Conrad. and biologist San Lin.

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