The Limusaur, Limusaurus corrodomolluscus (meaning Nibble-away-molluscs Slime-lizard), is a strange, flabby, saltwater-dwelling, salamander-like temnospondyl from the coastlines of Skull Island. It measures 2-3 feet long.

Clinging to the spray-lashed rocks with its broad, clawed feet was the peculiar, salamanderlike Limusaur. Flabby amphibians, remarkably adapted to survive in the salty water, Limusaurs grazed the splash zone, scraping mussels and other shellfish from the rocks with their stone-hard teeth. The pudgy oddballs tore the entire shellfish loose from its anchorage in bunches and swallowed the shardy pulp, shell and all. Tough-walled guts protected them from the bite of the shells as they passed through.

Predators include Tartarusaurus.

Trivia Edit

  • In 2009, a herbivorous ceratosaur dinosaur was discovered and given the same genus.