Kong to the Rescue is the twenty-eighth level in the King Kong game.


Kong starts to fight the V-Rex as Ann hurls spears at it. Kong eventually takes out the V-Rex, but a giant bat carries Ann away as Kong is forced to chase it while other bats attack him. Kong will eventually fight the giant bat with another one. There will be a log and it is suggestable to throw the log at one of them as it will most likely kill them in one try. The other has to be killed the old fashioned way as you go to help Ann. There will be a sinking pillar as you jump to the next wall and over the wall will be three V-Rexes as the all attempt to kill you. The easiest way to kill them is to throw them off a nearby waterfall or throw one into another. Kong and Ann will reach Kong's Lair through the next door to end the level.


  • If the player wishes to, they can throw each V-Rex off the waterfall and leave successfully.
  • The last Appearance of the Queen Terapusmordax and V-Rex.

Characters Edit

  • Kong
  • Ann

Enemies Edit

  • V-Rex
  • Queen Terapusmordax
  • Terapusmordax
  • Juveniles Terapusmordax

Weapons Edit

  • Spears/Bones

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