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Welcome to the King Kong Wiki encyclopedia! We are currently working on 548 articles and we welcome your contributions. You can check out the new pages, recent changes, and statistics.

Need help? Please visit our Help section. Questions? If you've got questions you can ask any administrator, post them in the main page discussion, or you can simply visit our forum and ask there. If you need edit-specific help, check out our editing help page. Have fun, and we hope to see you around!


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King Kong isn't a new wiki, having been here since 2008, but it's low on regular editors. So, we need you, yes you, to help us! Edit King Kong's articles and add your knowledge to the site. Don't forget to invite your friends to help too!


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King Kong 2005
Kong Megaprimatus Kong is an ancient species of giant ape that originated on Skull island. It is unknown when the species of giant ape known as "Kong" arrived on Skull Island. Estimates place it at a few thousands years ago, most likely coming from mainland Asia. A possible ancestor for Kong would be the giant prehistoric ape known as Gigantopithecus...

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  • King Kong Wiki was adopted by Mr.Wikia on 19 January, 2011.
  • King Kong Wiki reached 300 articles on 5th March, 2011.
  • King Kong Wiki is a collaborative community website that provides information about King Kong. Feel free to join and help with this project. We have a lot done already, however there is a lot more to do here.
  • Any questions or queries, then please use the main talk page or contact a King Kong Wiki staff member.

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