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King Kong is a 2016 fan remake of the 1976 movie. It is made by King Kong's biggest fan, Jack Buchanan. He creates remakes of famous movies on his YouTube channel, and reviews movies in the Kong Franchise. Jack's favorite Kong movie was the 1976 version, so he created this to commemorate the 1976 remake's 40th anniversary. The special effects may be a little campy, but the plot line has good twist! It took him 6 years to make, and had a budget of 4,000. The films stars himself as Carl Denham, Brett Charles as Jack Driscoll, and Sylvana Boonstra, as Ann Darrow, the beauty who charmed the beast.

Full MovieEdit

KING KONG (2016) - Fan Film02:35:19

KING KONG (2016) - Fan Film

The film was released December 17th, 2016 on his main channel BigJackFilms.

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