Also known as Little Kong and Baby Kong,he is the young albino son of Kong and the last member of Kong's species. He was featured in The Son of Kong and King Kong Lives! As an albino gorilla. == History ==



Strength, flexibility
Kong's albino son
Skull Island
First Appearance
Son of Kong
Queen Kong


Kiko is a young,small,Albino Kong unlike his father he is quite small but still bigger than a human(according to Carl Denham he is roughly around 12 ft high). He has more of a rounded snout and his fur covers almost all of his chest.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Unlike King Kong, Kiko is more mellow and easy-going and quite friendly.But if under the circumstance he's provoked or his friends are threatened he will become extremely aggressive. He is also rather curious and quite clumsy (i.e. falling into quicksand,triggering Carl's shotgun,knocking down a coconut tree). Also like most young apes he seems to have a habit on sucking on a injured part of his body(Ex: After Kiko drove off a giant Cave Bear he injured his finger and began sucking on it), although Kiko is not exactly a infant,he is rather young and displays child like mannerisms and behavior.


Strength and Combat: Kiko proven to be very strong for his size as he not fully grown but he was able to fight off Cave Bear and the Lizard monster. Though he was inexperience fighter but proven to be able to win both fights. He was able to fight off the Cave Bear for long but brutal fight as he needed a weapon like large log and he was able to kill the Lizard Monster though little struggle but he was able to do his own without any weapon.

Intelligence: He understood that the humans saved him from the quick send as he was able to owe the favor by protecting them from harm and knew that in fights he can use any weapon that is surrounding in combat.

Endurance and Stamina: His endurance is very high able to take the attacks from the Cave Bear and the lizard monster with out too munch of showing to be pain form them aspect from his finger that got bitten cause to bleed and able to travel long distance afther the fights.

Speed and Agilty: His speed shown to be great to save the people from the Cave Bear in time and his agility shown to have great flexible arms to swing around for combat.

Climber: He shown to be great climber up the mountain.

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