Jason Jenkins

Jason Jenkins (voiced by Kirby Morrow): The orphaned grandson of Dr. Lorna Jenkins and "older brother" to Kong. With his DNA, Lorna was able to clone Kong after the original died from falling from the sky scraper. He is an Archeologist major in college and best friend to fellow classmate Tann. He is also a high level martial artists, yet it is never described what belt level but he was able to win a martial arts competition. After being tricked by Da La Porta and losing the Primal Stones, he Tann, Lua and Kong search for them all over the world while thwarting his attempts of activating them for evil purposes. It is obvious he has feelings for Lua. In the final episode, Lua and Jason confess their feelings for each other and nearly kiss, but Kong splashes them before they could. There were occasions where Jason merges with something other than Kong. In "Hidden Fears," Jason merged with Soara the Pteranodon and a Tyrannosaurus when Kong was incapacitated by a giant spider's venom that was used by Harpy. In "DNA Land," he merged with a Fennec Fox to get into Howling Jack Crockett's DNA Land animal park and later an eagle to get Kong out of there. In "The Renewal," Jason merged with a Pteranodon and then a Triceratops to stop a lava flow while Kong was busy fighting Ominous in a parallel world