Heading Back is the thirty-fifth level of the King Kong game.


You will again start unarmed as you and Ann work your way back through the corridor. Kong will be seen leaping through in the distance. A rex will be seen eating the remains of carnage. Take him out and burn the bushes to the left to proceed as you confront two little rexes and a bat. Then another rex will come with another bat. After you kill all of them you will have to face four more little rexes as you head through a corridor on the right. Kong will be seen running opposite the direction you went. Head on, but be ready to move back, because the natives have found you and are trying to burn you in the bushes. They will leave, but be ready to run! They will barrage you with spears. Once you get through them you have to head through a stone shrine to end the level.


  • Spears/Bones


  • Kong can be seen running through the corridor twice, however he cannot be confronted at all.
  • It is possible to kill one of the natives firing spears by spearing them as they toss spears.

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