== Legendary Godzilla first appeared in the film Godzilla. It belongs to a species of ancient amphibians which inhabited the earth millions of years before mankind existed. Godzilla is known as alpha predator and had sightings throughout the history of mankind, in 1945 It came to the surface when its enemy Shinomura was attracted by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, from there godzilla persecuted the Shinomura for years until the government attempted to kill them with an atomic explosion, the Shinomura died in the explosion but Godzilla survived. In 2014 Godzilla would return to the surface to end the MUTO, after some casual fighting and persecution of several days, finally Godzilla would come to San Fransico where with the help of Ford Brody would end with MUTO after that incident Godzilla return to the sea. Possibly the Godzilla that appears in the film Godzilla is the last of its kind besides that this Godzilla is the face Kong vs. Godzilla Kong ==

Godzilla loco

Abilities. Godzilla had the ability to breathe a kind of atomic breath through his mouth, the atomic breath weakens its enemies since left knocked the female MUTO for a moment, Godzilla can not use the atomic breath much as this is a resource of last resource besides that it tiring to use Edit

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