Godzilla rampages in Orange County, resisting the attacks of G-Force and the army when suddenly he vanishes into thin air. Professor Mason has teleported the monster out to sea for his own purposes. Dr. Kagaku decides that Mason is responsible for Godzilla's disappearance. Time travel was mason's obsession, like Kagaku's before Godzilla appeared. With Godzilla in place, Mason attacks Pompeii moments before Vesuvius erupts. Mason and a team of raiders stand ready to loot the Roman city in Godzilla's wake.

Kagaku reveals to G-Force that he has been working on a time machine of his own. G-Force realises that Mason intends to use Godzilla to loot the past by striking at past disasters. As G-Force tries to determine what events Mason may have targeted, Mason's men and Godzilla disappear from Pompeii just as the volcano erupts. G-Force sends Kino and Take' to 1906 San Francisco while Burton Helzer and Dr. Marina Meltev depart for 1588 England.


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