The alien archer fires his weapon at Godzilla while Col. Cameron and his troops, with Take’ and Kate in tow, seek to gain entrance to the space ship. The archer puts a dozen arrows into Godzilla, enraging him and causing the monster to chase the alien. The alien leads Godzilla into a trap set up by his fellows. Soon, a bolo gun is fired, binding Godzilla’s legs together.

At the space ship, Cameron’s men are unable to gain access to the ship and one of them is zapped dead by the ship’s forcefield, horrifying Take’ and Kate. The aliens throw an electrified net over Godzilla, stunning the downed monster. Another alien with a spear leaps onto Godzilla, impaling him with the weapon. Godzilla slams the alien into the ground and rolls on top of him, impaling the hunter on some of the arrows still imbedded in Godzilla’s body.

Back at the ship, another alien appears and threatens Cameron’s men, but the soldiers shock the alien into unconsciousness. Col. Cameron then reveals to Take’ and Kate that he and his troops are Simeons, the ape-like aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole and they are still planning to take over the Earth.


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