Alien hunters tracking Bagorah head for Earth, now interested in the creature who injured the space monster. On Earth, G-Force, Kate Koshiro, and Col. Cameron watch as Godzilla advances toward Portland. Cameron deploys a new robot to stop Godzilla – the All-Terraintula. The spider robot has a coating that absorbs Godzilla’s ray and allows it to be fired back at the monster.

While Godzilla and the All-Terraintula battle, the aliens arrive. Deciding that Godzilla will not be worthy sport if injured, the aliens decide to destroy the All-Terraintula. As Dr. Kagaku, Kino, and Reiko board their VTOL to check out the alien ship, the aliens land and disable the All-Terraintula with a huge bazooka just after the robot fires a cadmium tranquilizer missile into Godzilla. The fifty-foot tall aliens watch the robot burn.


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