While Cybersaur battles Godzilla, Kino and Take’ watch the fight and Kate gets footage for her news program. Underestimating Godzilla’s power, the Cybersaur’s crew diverts power from their shields to their weapons. Godzilla lands a powerful blast and downs the robot, causing the death of Cybersaur’s captain. Ignoring the fallen robot, the poisoned Godzilla lumbers on. Kate lands her helicopter and the G-Force members race to Cybersaur’s cockpit to check on the crew. Kino stays to help Cybersaur’s crew get the robot functional again while Take’ escorts Kate and her camera from the scene.

Back at G-Force headquarters in Japan, Col. Cameron calls Professor Yoshiwara, asking her about the toxicity of Godzilla’s blood, asking her if she considered what effect his radioactive blood will have on the environment and drinking water before she poisoned Godzilla. Yoshiwara has no answers.

Take’ and Kate express their mutual interest in one another when Dr. Kagaku and Reiko arrive in a second VTOL. A mid-air transfer is made and Take’ and the beacon take their place aboard the VTOL. The Canadian army has filled a lake with gasoline, run electrical lines into the water and assembled a mass of artillery in hopes of destroying Godzilla. The reptile is unfazed by the trap and lumbers on until the repaired Cybersaur arrives on the scene. Employing the massive G-Buster, Cybersaur takes Godzilla down, seemingly killing the monster as Godzilla utters a last thunderous shriek.


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