Godzilla makes landfall in the South Pacific. G-Force follows him, planning to mount Nervous System Suppressors on Godzilla to shock him into unconsciousness. To do this, Kino and Take' will have to climb Godzilla's body and mount the electrodes on Godzilla's skull. While Helzer and Reiko distract Godzilla with the VTOL, Kino and Take' mount the monster's body with grappling hooks.

Wearing radiation suits, they climb Godzilla's back. While climbing, a parasitic sea louse, mutated by Godzilla's radiation, attacks Kino, barely being fought off. The electrodes are mounted and as Kino and Take' parachute off Godzilla, Dr. Kagaku shocks the monster. The impact of Godzilla's fall activates the island's volcano, the hot lava awakening the monster. After attacking the volcano and removing the electrodes, Godzilla returns to the sea, leaving G-Force to deal with the angry islanders.


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