African American

21 years of age


  • Glenn Mills is a soldier who survived skull island after an expedition lead by Lieutenant Colonel Packard. He was the co-pilot of helicopter Fox Five. When Kong attacked the helicopters, Mills's helicopter crashed in the jungle. He survived along with pilot Earl Cole and Bill Randa. Later he reunited with Packard, Reles and several other soldiers. While treking through the jungle there was a mother longlegs that killed Jerry and with its webs it grabbed Mills and tried to eat him but thanks to the others, he was saved.
  • Later after a close encounter with the skull crawlers they found Jack Chapman's skull, indicating that he was dead. However, Packard still wanted to get the ammunition in Chapman's helicopter to kill Kong, so Mills and his comrades followed. Mills then went on to survive the next attack. Unfortunately, his close friend Earl cole sacrificed his life to save Mills and the others. Mills along with, mason weaver, Conrad, Hank marlow, brooks, San, Slivko, Reles, [minus packard as he was killed by kong] Presumably survived skull island.