Viras rampages in Paris, Gamera taking the missiles fired at Viras by the French. Freena traces the energy trail between Viras and Gamera and finds Karbone on the Eiffel Tower. Gamera disables Freena's ship as she teleports Nagamine onto the tower and into Gusano's arms. After trying to subdue Viras with an anesthetic missile, Freena's ship approaches the Eiffel Tower. Nagamine convinces Gusano that Viras is controlling Karbone. Gusano rips the amulet from Karbone's throat and drops it off the tower. Karbone leaps after it and Gusano jumps after her, falling on top of the crashing space ship. Gamera, freed from Viras' control, attacks the squid but in his weakened state, Gamera is quickly repulsed. Landing near Freena's burning ship, Gamera reaches for the energy-giving flame of the ship's thrusters. Gusano rips the near-exploding engine from the ship and hurls it at Gamera, perishing in the resulting explosion. Gamera absorbs the fire and attacks Viras, hurling the squid at Notre Dame Cathedral and impaling Viras on one of the spires. The end of Viras, Gamera speeds off into the night.


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