Lutz is in a prison cell in Paris following Zigra's attack. Meanwhile, Karbone and Gusano are still at sea in their mini-sub while Viras has grown to kaiju size. Viras has instructed Karbone to find Asagi's amulet in order that they may take control of Gamera. Accordingly, the villains head for Paris. Lutz is interrogated by French officials and Dr. Nagamine. He tells her about Gamera's fight with Zigra. Revived by a blast from a submarine's torpedo, Gamera returned to the battle, dropping Zigra in an active volcano before disappearing again. The alien woman arrives at the volcano and is not happy to find Zigra dead. When Lutz reveals that he has the amulet to Nagamine, Gusano reveals that he is the French prison guard.

Swiping the amulet, Gusano escapes as Nagamine and Lutz are teleported on board the alien's ship. The alien reveals that she was sent to Earth to retrieve Zigra, an escaped bio-weapon. Since she can't return empty-handed, Freena hopes Nagamine can direct her toward a similar monster. Suddenly, the ship is struck. It is Viras, now rampaging through Paris. Gamera arrives but under Karbone's control, he protects Viras from the French military.


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