Lutz rescues Asagi from the burning streets as Gamera and Gyaos battle on. Asagi directs Gamera to drop Gyaos ontop of an oil tanker in the harbor. Gamera then ignites the spilled oil, incinerating Gyaos. Asagi is dropped off at a hospital as Gamera leaves the city. Lutz takes Asagi's amulet when he leaves her. Back on the island, Karbone insists that Nagamine help her. Leaving her lover Gusano to deal with Nagamine, Karbone inspects her other creations, particularly Viras, who exerts a psychic control over the scientist, making her his slave. Nagamine distracts Gusano, igniting an oxygen tank and setting Karbone's lab on fire. Karbone and Gusano flee, leaving her creations to perish, all except her master, Viras.

Lutz has been following Gamera out to sea, thinking he can communicate with the monster with the amulet. His plane runs out of gas, leaving him in the ocean. Luckily he is picked up by a French ship, one conducting an underwater nuclear test. Arrested, Lutz is thrown in the brig. The test awakens Zigra, who promptly sets about destroying the French ship. As Zigra is about to sink the ship, Gamera arrives, but Zigra quickly bests the turtle and Gamera sinks into the depths. Out in space, an alien woman changes her ship's course, sending it toward Earth.


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