Asagi arrives in Guanajota Harbor, Mexico and contracts a sightseeing plane from a pilot named Lutz. Meanwhile Mayumi Nagamine is lead to a nearby island by Patty Smith and her assistant Gusano to look for a supposedly extinct species of bird. She finds one, but not the right bird. There is evidence on the island that Gyaos has returned. While Nagamine explains to Smith how Gyaos ravaged Tokyo only a year ago, Asagi tells Lutz of her connection with Gamera.

As she explains this, Gamera emerges from the sea. The new Gyaos monster attacks the city of Guanajota. Back on the island, Smith reveals herself to be Dr. Greta Karbone, a notorious biologist. This new Gyaos is a genetic clone of the original created by Karbone. It could not be controlled. Karbone hopes that Nagamine can help her to create creatures that can be controlled. Gamera arrives in Guanajota and attacks the rampaging Gyaos. Lutz lands his plane and Asagi races toward Gamera, hoping to help the monster through her amulet's psychic bond. She is trampled by the fleeing citizens of the city.


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