KK Foetodon 2

Abilities and weapons
Strength, speed, senses, sharp teeth, sharp claws, swimmer, climber, bacteria jaw strength
Giant relative of crocodiles
Skull Island
First Appearance
King Kong (2005 film)

Foetodon ("cruel stinking tooth") is a crocodile-like species that lives on the jungle floor on Skull Island. It is a huge animal.

Ecology Edit

Both an ambush predator and a scavenger, Foetodon is found on the litter-strewn jungle floor, usually near game trails, where it will gladly take anything offered. Foetodon will also eat carrion, and will dig into mounds of leaf litter in search of large invertebrates. Young Foetodon live in lakes and steams until large enough to safely venture out onto land and into the jungles.


Foetodon has typical animal motivations. Like most of the predators on the island, it will abandon its meal to chase fresher meat.


Foetodon will usually scrape out a hollow near a game trail or will burrow into mounds of litter, lying quietly for a prey item to appear. One quick lunge and a bone-crushing bite later, and Foetodon usually has its meal. Its thick hide acts as an armour,it has a strong sense of smell which helps it in hunting prey. The World Of Kong Book gives it 5/10 running, 1/2 leaping, and 4/8 swimming.
KK Foetodon 1

A Foetodon scavenging.


Foetodon has a similar appearance of a Postosuchus (a close relative of crocodiles) although much stockier. It reaches a length of 20 feet, with a broad build and mottled grayish skin, and weighs up to 2 tons. The height of the Foetodon is 5 feet. The face and jaws of Foetodon are often covered in blisters from infections picked up while foraging in the leaf litter. Like the modern Komodo Dragon, the mouth is the main weapon. Because of its natural infections, a bite from the Foetodon can spread some serious bacteria. 

In the film Edit

Foetodon appeared in the film King Kong. It was the monstrous reptile eating the carcass of a dead dinosaur (possibly a Ligocristus), then a second one went for Ann. After chasing her inside a rotten log, the Foetodon fell prey to a Vastatosaurus Rex, and the first one escaped.