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Ferrucutus is a species of ceratopsian, possibly a centrosaurinae due to its similiar appearance to Pachyrhinosaurus, dinosaur native to Skull Island .

Ferrucutus cerastes "horned iron hide"

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Ferrucutus cerastes
Abilities and weapons
Speed, frill, horns, beak, jaw strength, tackle, strength, senses, endurable
Horned ceratopian
Skull Island
First Appearance
King Kong (2005 film)


Fairly numerous on Skull Island, Ferrucutus is a herd-dwelling herbivore, found in groups of around a dozen or so individuals. They eat shrubs and uproot cycads to get at the tender crowns. Ferrucutus herds tend to follow the Brontosaurus herds, exploiting any jungle cleared by the huge animals and quickly devouring the broken brush. Ferrucutus are strongly territorial, and will claim a small area as their own, using it to raise their young in relative safety. Young Ferrucutus are protected by the rest of the herd, who will form a circle, tails in,

heads out, if a predator threatens. The dominant male will usually engage any threat himself, and is quite capable of tackling even a fullgrown Vastatosaurus rex . All herds are led by a male, who will fight off any challenger to his rule. Young males gather in "bachelor herds," practicing their sparring and eventually challenging a reigning male of dominance of a herd. Fights between Ferrucutus males can be violent and bloody, with injuries and death not unheard of.

Ferrucutus cerastes.

Personality/Motivation Edit

Typical animal motivations.


Female Ferrucutus will gather in a circle if approached, presenting a wall of bony shield and horns to an attacker. Males will charge, counting on their horns, shield, and massive neck and shoulder muscles to carry the day. Ferrucutus will also bite if needed, and their sharp beaks are capable of shearing through woody stems work as well as flesh and bone. Their body is full armor showing to be good for endurable body to take attacks from predators to fight back. Their shown to heavy body but can move in high speed to run from predators if have too. Their size makes most predators back off.



An appearance of a Ferrucutus.

Ferrucutus has the typical shape of a ceratopsian, with a heavy rhinolike body, a thick tail, and a tall, oval-shaped bony shield extending up from the back of the head and over the shoulders. This shield has a series of spikes projecting from the edge, with two long horns coming off the nose. It weighs around 6-7 tons and is over 34 ft long. As mentioned earlier, the Ferrucutus seems to resemble a Pachyrhinosaurus, a smaller ceratopsian from the Late Cretaceous.



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