Ambusher, large claws
Crustacean,Large crab
Skull Island
First Appearance
King Kong (2005 film)

Deplectors were giant crustaceans living in the cavernous crevices found along the walls of the Insect Pit. Anchoring themselves in place, they would snatch birds, bats, and other flying creatures out of the air with their six-foot long claws, using their antennae to detect prey.

While females could reach up to eight feet in length, males were scarcely larger than a newly-hatched female. They dwell in the back of the female's cavern, fertilizing their eggs and eating scraps of the female's prey.  

Known VictimsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • A Deplector appeared in Peter Jackson's King Kong. When the arachnids and insectoid creatures attacked the crewmen, a man tried to climb up the cave walls, only for a Deplector to shoot its claw out of a cave and grab him before pulling him back in. When Carl Jimmy and Driscoll finishes off the smaller bugs, Arachno-claws and smaller Deplectors were about to kill them but Eaglehorn and Bruce Baxter killed them all.

Jimmy also kills one with the ball of his rifle.

  • Deplector full body is in the book World of Kong:Natural History of Skull Island


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