Deinosuchus was first seen in the 2013 film of Kenny and the Lost World (released in March 2013) and serves as an antagonist with the Apatosaurus.

  • One was seen in the river with the long neck as it goes under and the Apatosaurus flips the raft into the river. As the surviving sailors are swimming to saftey Jack (Adrien Brody) hits the Apatosaurus with the green-hand grenade, as the crew are close to shore, and Herb (John Summer) the cameraman is killed along with three sailors as the croc-like creature grabs him by his bad leg, angrily Kenny gets his handgun and borrows a knife and he grabs the creature by its jaws and he shoots it twice in the face and stabs it in the belly.


  • Length: 49 ft
  • Size: 26-33 ft
  • The Deinosuchus had the Venatosaurus teeth during the water attack scene.
  • In the extended cut, the Deinosuchus was shot on land and Kenny decides to claim it as a trophy.
  • The Deinosuchus also appeared in the video game (released for Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and PlayStation 3 on February 28th, 2013, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Vita on March 20th, and Xbox one and PS4 on November 26th, 2013), where more than one appeared as enemies.
  • Deinosuchus means Terrible Croc.
  • After when the giant crocodile killed Herb, it was running out of steam and retreated back to the water, but Kenny was the first to kill it.

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