A Decarnocimex is an immense cricket-like creature measuring anywhere from five to ten feet long. They have a heavily-plated exoskeleton, four crawling legs, and two bladed forearms. The overall coloration is greenish-brown.

Decarnocimex's were flesh-eating, oversized relatives of crickets, with bladed forelimbs for tearing apart carcasses. Aggressive hunters as well as scavengers, Decarnocimexes would attack small animals unfortunate enough to fall into their hellish domain, carving them up with their claws and razor-sharp mandibles.

Role in the Film:

When Jack, Carl and the crew are thrown off of the log by kong they get attacked by insectoid-creatures like the Weta-rex and the Arachno-Claw. when Carl starts fighting the insects he grabs a unloaded sniper and starts hitting the insects and he attacks three Decarnocimex but when they get surrounded by other bugs, Captain Englehorn, Bruce Baxter and the Rescue Party killed multiple Weta-rexes and Arachno-Claws and maybe even Decarnocimexes.

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