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Cynognathus was seen in the 1933 King Kong and the first 2013 Kenny and the Lost World, and it serves as an antagonist.

  • One was seen in a deleted scene in the spider pit in the original King Kong, and one of the sailors get a stick and while one battles the Giant Crab, and one battles a Giant Spider, but Carl Denham survives as several sailors are eaten.
  • One was seen in CGI in the first 2013 Kenny and the Lost World (released in March 2013) as it charges after Kenny and Carl Simmons, Kenny picks up a shotgun and hands it to his friend, Carl gets angry and kills it with one shot on the side.


  • The name Cynognathus means Dog-Jawed.
  • In the extended cut, Carl shoots it in the '(censored)' and decides to claim it as a trophy.

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